Future International Nursery (FIN) aims to be at the forefront of early years education in the UAE by playing an active role in instilling the solid foundations necessary to take on tomorrow’s challenges, while placing an emphasis on reconnecting with the natural environment and affirming each child as a member of our UAE’s culturally rich community. Through discovering their ‘roots’, children can gain the understanding and confidence to develop ‘wings’ that allow them to actively participate in shaping the future.

At FIN, each child is valued as a unique individual with a distinctive set of gifts. The happy, safe and stimulating environment ensures children consider Future International, ‘their home’, away from home.

Our innovative dual language programme incorporates the research-based International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC). It also includes best practices from around the world to support key areas of learning and enable children to develop communication and language skills in English and Arabic.

Our Uniqueness

We believe that the pre-school years play an integral role in shaping a child’s future through development of the physical, mental and social skills needed for all aspects of their lives. As important, is the need to allow a child to develop his or her own unique identity and a set of values that serve as a basis for their individuality, an area we believe differentiates FIN from others.

FIN aims to achieve this through a curriculum that is adapted to the unique culture, setting and needs of its children. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are not only adopting some of the best practices from the UK but we are also adapting it to suit the cultural and religious needs of our children. Hence, a core principle that we believe in and put to practice is the preservation of our students’ identities and mother tongue.

Through FIN’s carefully balanced programme, both in Arabic and English, children learn about their faith and heritage. The Quran and Sunnah are the foundation of FIN’s approach and Islamic values are built into everything we do. Children are allowed to develop, discover and learn in a safe environment, which positively affirms their self-esteem and self-image and encourages them to discover the world around them.

We Offer

A dual language approach: English/Arabic

Research-based curriculum: the International Early Years Curriculum from the UK

A caring and highly-qualified team who have a passion for education

A safe and stimulating environment

Outstanding facilities, indoors and outdoors

Our Team

FIN ensures that children are cared for by dedicated, committed and experienced professionals who can be role models for the children, are able to motivate them, inspire them and truly want the best for each child. They will care enough to take the time to discover each child’s unique set of gifts and endeavour to nurture these gifts.

Our international team comes from a variety of countries and reflects the UAE’s highly diverse and multicultural community. Our staff bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise, and regularly undergo in-service training in order to stay up-to-date with the latest teaching and learning methods. Our English language teachers and Arabic language teachers are native speakers who are specifically trained to work in a dual language environment.