Nurturing Roots, Building Futures

“There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots, the other wings.”

Hodding Carter

Our Vision

To be a leading provider of premium nursery education, and to be the number one choice amongst those seeking a physically, spiritually and mentally stimulating environment for their children. We endeavour to create an environment that enables children to flourish, embrace the love of learning, discover and nourish their unique talents and develop into independent and confident individuals.

Our Mission

To provide the highest standard in childcare by offering a distinctive bilingual curriculum for unique children through nurturing spirit, mind and body. We aim to equip all our children with secure foundations to develop into confident individuals who take pride in their identity and values and are equipped to embark on the journey of lifelong learning.

Our Approach

We believe an essential part of fulfilling our mission is to provide a happy, safe, stimulating and inclusive environment; that is why we develop a culture of love and caring, where courtesy and respect are the hallmarks of our relationships; our approach includes a culture of care for the environment. At the same time, FIN is a place where adults and children strive to give the best efforts in everything they do, in a learning environment that is sacred, caring and functional. FIN is also a place where parents will feel important and valued members of FIN community.

FIN adopts a child-focused pedagogy where adults will ‘facilitate’ learning rather than ‘deliver instruction’, enable children to ‘do to learn’ rather than only ‘learn to do’ and focus on the ‘learning’ process rather than the ‘teaching’ process. This way, we promote curiosity, investigation, and problem-solving skills.

FIN puts the curriculum at the heart of the setting. Our bilingual programme is based on the International Early Years Curriculum (UK) and our vast experience in nursery education. We have incorporated in our approach material and resources from a variety of countries, as deemed fit by the pedagogical team.
We follow an integrated approach that enables children to make links between the different areas of learning. We focus on essential skills for autonomy (self-confidence, self-awareness, engagement, motivation, good health and hygiene skills, emotional stability) and interdependence (communication skills, decision making, creativity).

FIN follows a cycle of observation, evaluation and planning to promote each child’s individual development and to adapt to the children’s aptitude, pace and learning style. In planning, FIN practitioners seek authenticity in indoor and outdoor learning experiences.

We believe it is important for children to develop an awareness of their community from an early age. We do that through educational trips, visits of professionals to the nursery and by taking part in environmental and charity projects that are suitable for our children’s stage of development.