We recognise that the transition from home to nursery is a big step in every child’s and parent’s life and so we strive to ensure that there is little disruption or anxiety involved. For many children, starting nursery may be their first experience of life outside their immediate circle of family and friends and their first encounter with other children who might have different experiences and expectations. Sharing nursery staff with other children and the inability to articulate their emotions may be a little difficult to grasp.

We endeavour to provide the best care possible for our children and assurance to their parents that their child is in good hands. Staff at FIN supports children and their key family members through this transition by keeping children at the heart of policies and procedures and offering a gradual settling-in programme.


Once a child is registered, we organise a home visit to enable the teacher to create bonds with the child and the family and facilitate the settling period for the child. Alternatively, FIN invites parents to their own welcome session during which we endeavour to get to know your child through you. We will ask you to tell us about your child’s routines, likes and dislikes and any other information you deem to be vital. This will help staff to make the transition period as smooth as possible for your child and their future experiences at FIN as pleasant as possible.

We will also share what you and your child can expect when s/he first starts nursery. Basic routines and expectations are discussed, as well as specific information about the programme for the age group your child will attend.

For children who start at the beginning of the school year:

We invite new parents and their children to an informal morning at the start of the first term. This involves parents and children coming to nursery to play and have fun. There are various activities set out for the child to experience, thus making it an enjoyable and happy visit. Children can explore their new environment and interact with teachers in the presence of a parent, which ensures that they can do so with a sense of security.

During the first week of nursery, the day is shortened to a maximum of two hours for new children. We encourage parents to stay with their child for up to half an hour a day during this settling-in period to minimise anxiety. Most children will then begin full-time attendance. Returning children can resume full-time attendance from the second day.

For children joining after the beginning of the year:

Children who join later on in the year will be offered a gradual settling-in period, where they are invited to two short activity sessions and two longer play sessions supported by staff or parents, whenever possible, before full attendance.

Information Leaflet

Parents will receive an information leaflet with a checklist of routines and other important information during the first week of the term.


The Nursery Year is divided into three terms. Holiday dates are announced at the start of the academic year and will be in line with the government’s public holidays. Foundation 1 children are required to attend 5 days per week, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, Sunday to Thursday.

Age groups

FIN offers a safe and stimulating early years education experience for children aged 1 month and above. In accordance with the Ministry of Education regulations, the cut-off date for admission to the KG group is 31st December; this means that children entering KG must be four years of age before 31st December of the academic year.

Group Starting age


1 month minimum when joining
Nursery 18  months and above*

*this age indication can vary according to the readiness of the child

Pre-K 2 years 8 months at the beginning of the academic year
KG 1 3 years 8 months by the first of September

Required Documents

To apply for admission to FIN, parents will need to submit a completed and signed application form together with a non-refundable registration fee of AED 500 for the application to be processed. Once a space becomes available, we will contact parents and we will require them to provide the following:

  • (1) Copy of Birth Certificate
  • UAE Family Book (Emiratis only)
  • (9) colour Passport Photos (pls. write the name at the back)
  • (1) Child’s Passport Copy
  • (1) Copy of Child’s UAE Residence Visa (included in child’s passport)
  • (1) Copy of Sponsor’s / Father’s Passport Copy
  • (1) Copy of Sponsor’s UAE Residence Visa (included in passport)
  • Company Letter (if visa under process)
  • Copy of Updated Immunisation / Vaccination Records


Transportation is available for all the age groups we cater for. For more information, call 050-778 2001 for Sharjah, and 056-801 5050 for Dubai.


We believe children should feel comfortable in what they are wearing, and be able to be physically active. For safety reasons, we advise parents to avoid any outfit or accessories that could represent a hazard, such as buckles, belts, loops, etc. Children should not wear jewellery during the time spent at the nursery (small stud earring sets are fine). Members of staff cannot be held liable to any loss or damage to any item of jewellery. Children should wear comfortable shoes that are easy to fasten (no laces).
Uniform is compulsory for KG children; younger children are not required to wear the uniform every day. All children however should wear the uniform for annual photographs and nursery trips.
FIN uniform consists of a smart T-shirt, available in a variety of colours, and long shorts. Our registration pack includes one T-shirt for your child. Additional uniform items can be purchased from the registration desk.