FIN’s Approach to Healthy Eating

FIN’s mission is not only to have a positive influence on the nutritional intake of the children in our care, but also on the knowledge and attitudes the children have towards food and a healthy lifestyle. That is why we consider it essential to model eating patterns that promote positive attitudes to good nutrition.

Our menus of breakfasts, snacks and lunches have been specifically designed by our nutritionist. All our food items are prepared on site. We do not use nuts in any item offered to the children.
Children are discouraged from bringing food items at FIN. Only special dietary requirement will be considered and should be discussed with the management prior to admission.

Food as Learning Opportunity

Every activity is a learning opportunity at FIN. Mealtimes offer an opportunity to extend children’s social and language skills. Children learn the appropriate du’as before eating and after eating, they learn table manners and can practise their speaking and listening skills. The child-sized utensils we encourage using at FIN make it easier for children to serve themselves and learn to eat independently.
Food can be used in a variety of educational ways, for example to teach children about food sources, nutrition, health, growing cycles, etc. We involve children in preparing food and laying and clearing tables. Learning how to choose and enjoy many different nutritious foods in early childhood can provide the foundation for a lifetime of wise food choices.

Workshops for parents

We regularly organise workshops for parents on issues related to child’s health and development. Our speakers are all specialists in their field.