Parents as Partners

Our partnership with you is valuable and FIN recognises parents as experts on their own child and as their childai??i??s first and main educators. By building strong relationships with parents, we can more effectively meet the needs of children in our care and ensure that the sharing of information is a two-way and ongoing process. We therefore encourage an open, supportive relationship with parents, who will be made to feel welcome, involved and fully informed about what happens at FIN.

In this partnership, parents have an important role to play and should feel assured that their child is well cared for in an environment which not only values parental contribution but is supported by it on a day to day basis.

Parents are kept well-informed about their childai??i??s development and general progress via regular parent/teacher meetings during which they can discuss any aspect of their childai??i??s care or progress. Staff members at the nursery are available at all times to offer support and advice when needed.

Your childai??i??s progress and information records are available for your review at any time during the year and they will be given to you when your child leaves the nursery to help with transition to school or simply for you to keep as a memento of a special time in your childai??i??s life. We would like to assure you of the highest levels of confidentiality at all times with regards to your childai??i??s records and under no circumstances will they be shared with anyone other than you as a parent.

An end of year report about the progress your child has made during the year will be provided to you. This report is derived from detailed reports staff maintain of ongoing observations of all children in their care.

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