FIN Sharjah is located in customised villa premises, ideally situated at the border between Ajman and Sharjah, with direct access to the Sharjah Dubai high way, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.
Our spacious indoors and outdoors learning areas are carefully planned to maximise the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of our children. Our premises can really inspire them and let their imagination and creativity soar.

Well-planned learning opportunities

Indoors Facilities

  • Our Infant room layout facilitates the unique requirement for this age: a safe and large space for crawling and being physically engaged, a space for tummy time and a cozy corner for quieter activities; the room is equipped with feeding chairs and cots, and all the educational resources have been carefully selected to provide safe stimulation for all areas of development.
  • Our purpose-built toddler unit features a spacious open space that allows children to freely move and explore. It includes an outstanding climbing and sliding indoor structure for active play, and a variety of centres including a story telling cozy corner, a role play area, a space for sensory and messy play, and an area dedicated to small world and construction activities. Children have direct access to a great variety of age-appropriate pedagogical resources.
  • Our spacious Nursery and FS1 classrooms are carefully designed as flexible learning spaces. They are equipped with age-appropriate materials and resources that encourage exploration, creativity, and critical thinking. The layout supports children in making choices and developing independence.

Each class is equipped with:

  1. Sensory zones, with a variety of sensory trays.
  2. Spaces for construction and imagination: children are given resources for building dens, tents, painting on a large scale, vertically and horizontally, and building large structures.
  3. Quiet areas, where children can spend time in a calm environment if they feel overwhelmed or want to spend time away from the other children.
  4. Reading corners, where children can explore books and other modes of print.

In addition, to enrich children’s environment, we ensure that learning opportunities are not confined to classrooms and have incorporated engaging ‘shared spaces’ that children have access to on a daily basis:

  1. A designated maths room where children can explore quantity and measurement, pattern-making, puzzles, and problem-solving.
  2. An indoor multipurpose role-play area.
  3. An indoor soft gym with a ball pool, obstacle courses, trampolines, and balancing beams.

Each age group has their own designated eating areas, and napping areas.
FIN has a dedicated clinic with a licensed nurse.

Outdoors Facilities

Children at FIN benefit from our exceptionally spacious outdoor areas, that encourage a variety of active play.

The different play facilities include:

  1. FIN Mud kitchen, equipped with water trays and open-ended resources.
  2. Large sand and water play areas.
  3. Sound wall for sensory stimulation.
  4. Outdoor climbing and adventure zones: our apparatus incorporates ladders, stairs, sliding, balancing, swinging, etc.
  5. Riding track with signposts for tricycles and different vehicles.
  6. Open green outdoor spaces for running and ball play, construction and painting on a large scale.
  7. Quiet areas where children can spend time and listen to the multiple sounds in a calm and peaceful environment.
  8. A unique ‘Desert camp area’ that offers sensory play, and role-play opportunities with tents, camels, a well, a campfire, etc. It’s an area children can relate to, especially as many of them enjoy desert camping trips with family over the weekend.