At FIN every child is unique. We strongly believe that through positive home-school collaboration, teachers can better meet the needs of each individual child and their family.
Parents are the prime caregivers of their child and have the best firsthand knowledge of the child. A parent-teacher partnership provides two-way information flow that is essential for both parents and teachers to cater for the needs of the child in the best possible manner.
Knowing how a child behaves at home and in other contexts can help teachers make well-balanced assessments of their students.
We welcome parents’ involvement in FIN’s activities and field trips.

Home visits

Communication with parents is of paramount importance. That is why we establish a strong communication system even before the child starts in our nursery. We believe that home visits provide an opportunity for the child, the parents and the teachers to meet in the child’s environment and it enables teachers to gather important information regarding the child’s well-being, likes and dislikes. Effective home visits further the mental, emotional, physical health and development of the child.
Many children struggle with the transition to nursery. Meaningful collaboration between schools and families is essential to support children’s success during this critical transition and beyond.

Home visits give parents the opportunity to talk to and feel heard by their children’s teachers, right in their own homes. It also helps parents and teachers build a positive and trusting home-school relationship at the very beginning of the school year.

Alternatively, when a home visit is not possible, a welcome visit is organised at FIN for the parents and their child.